Transformation of Shot Blasting Machine


设备名称:Transformation of Shot Blasting Machine



Product description

① Adopt the “P series” shot blasting machine specially developed for the shot blasting machine independently developed, equipped with a special customized ABB motor. All the wearing parts inside the shot head are made of die steel precision CNC machining + low-pressure vacuum heat treatment, and the surface hardness reaches 58-62HRC. In addition, it has excellent core toughness and high abrasion resistance, which greatly improves the service life of the wearing parts of the throwing head;

② The internal wearing parts are divided into: blades, directional sleeves, pelletizing wheels, impellers, side guards and top guards, all made of mold steel CNC, with high surface accuracy and smoothness. ± 2 grams, the manufacturing process of the body has determined that it has excellent dynamic balance and low noise, which greatly improves the shot blasting efficiency and the life of the shot blaster motor.

Transformation of Shot Blasting Machine