Manual shot blasting machine SP20-80L1-1

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Classification:Shot Peening Equipment
Device name:Manual shot blasting machine SP20-80L1-1

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Release date:2020-03-24

Product overview

product description

The equipment is mainly used for supplementary spraying of steam turbine blades or shot peening of special-shaped holes and grooves of complex parts such as cylinder blocks. The front of the device is designed with 2 operation doors, which can be selectively shot peened according to the size and position of the parts. The left side is designed with a part loading and unloading door. The equipment adopts a wind recovery system, which can recover the pellets to a cyclone separator, and sort the pellets into a V80 shot blasting system. 2 filter dust collectors are integrated on the back of the device, which adopts a wind cycle device. The device has an integrated design and high environmental protection level.

Manual shot blasting machine SP20-80L1-1

Comparison of shot blasting process

Manual shot blasting machine SP20-80L1-1

A. Installation instructions:

During installation, compare the general drawing of the equipment, place the main unit on the prepared foundation, fasten it with bolts, and install the upper part of the hoist to the main unit with bolts.

Install electrical conduit and complete wiring according to electrical drawings such as electrical schematics and interconnection diagrams

Place the spirit level on the bottom surface of the hopper, combine the base of the feeder, add the gasket and level it, and then tighten the bolt connecting the anchor bolt to the cleaning room

B. Commissioning instructions:

Adjust the position of the orientation sleeve opening

Adjust the shot supply valve and the amount of shot blasting according to the current display

Adjust the position of the counterweight to make the shot form a uniform waterfall

Adjust the upper pulley of the hoist to prevent misalignment of the belt

Adjust the sorter pipeline valve to achieve the separation effect

C. Equipment training content description:

Institutional performance and routine maintenance of equipment

Inspection method of wearing parts: replacement standard, cycle and method

Equipment operating procedures, technical requirements and methods for safe operation debugging