Mesh belt pass type shot blasting machine SND-1040P11-4 / 8

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Device name:Mesh belt pass type shot blasting machine SND-1040P11-4 / 8

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Release date:2020-03-24

Product overview Technical parameter

Comparison before and after shot blasting

Mesh belt pass type shot blasting machine SND-1040P11-4 / 8Product description

① The shot blasting room is made of an all-manganese steel fuselage, which has sufficient rigidity and resistance to impact, and the fuselage is guaranteed to be not bad for 20 years. Inside the machine body is a double-layer 10mm wear-resistant manganese steel protective plate, which is locked by a high-wear-resistant nut, and there are double-opening inspection doors on the opposite side, which facilitates the maintenance and replacement of the shot blasting room, which greatly improves the maintenance.

② The feeding device adopts motor-driven manganese steel mesh belt and imported wear-resistant mesh belt. The service life is 1 year to 1.5 years. Several rollers are used as rolling support, and the load is 0.5 tons per meter. Manganese steel mesh belt conveyor is adopted for stable transmission. 20mm high manganese steel strips are used as protection on both sides of the mesh belt conveyor to prevent the workpiece from falling off. All linkage agencies have protection devices and warning signs;

③Multi-layer sealing devices are set on both sides of the shot blasting chamber to prevent zero leakage of shot blasting during shot blasting;

④ A grating sensing device is installed at the feed port of the shot blasting chamber. When the grating senses the parts, the shot blasting machine will start delaying and start the shot blasting operation; when no parts are detected in the shot blasting chamber, the shot blasting system will stop the throwing Pill operation to prevent air throwing;

⑤ The equipment is equipped with 4 or 8 11kw high-performance throw heads, equipped with ABB motors. The uniformity of shot blasting is better, the cleaning efficiency is higher, and the overall energy consumption is lower;

⑥ Venturi wet-type dust collector is adopted, which is a new generation of dust collector developed by Supor. It is fireproof and explosion-proof, without any spare parts, and without any maintenance costs in the later stage. The dust emission is less than 20mg / m³.

Mesh belt pass type shot blasting machine SND-1040P11-4 / 8

Comparison of shot blasting process

Mesh belt pass type shot blasting machine SND-1040P11-4 / 8

    A. Installation instructions:

During installation, compare the general drawing of the equipment, place the main unit on the prepared foundation, fasten it with bolts, and install the upper part of the hoist to the main unit with bolts.

Install electrical conduit and complete wiring according to electrical drawings such as electrical schematics and interconnection diagrams

Place the spirit level on the bottom surface of the hopper, combine the base of the feeder, add the gasket and level it, and then tighten the bolt connecting the anchor bolt to the cleaning room

B. Commissioning instructions:

Adjust the position of the orientation sleeve opening

Adjust the shot supply valve and the amount of shot blasting according to the current display

Adjust the position of the counterweight to make the shot form a uniform waterfall

Adjust the upper pulley of the hoist to prevent misalignment of the belt

Adjust the sorter pipeline valve to achieve the separation effect

C. Equipment training content description:

Institutional performance and routine maintenance of equipment

Inspection method of wearing parts: replacement standard, cycle and method

Equipment operating procedures, technical requirements and methods for safe operation debugging

Mesh belt pass type shot blasting machine SND-1040P11-4 / 8

Serial number

Model parameter configuration

  Economy 丨 Standard
1Equipment application

Auto parts / aluminum castings / shaped parts

2Dimensions L * W * H(mm)


3Feed opening size: rotation diameter * high(mm)


4Single roll load(kg)



Conveying speed (m / min)

6Dust emission(mg/m³) ≤50丨≤30
7noise(db) ≤85丨≤80
8Total equipment power(KW)70.1

Compressed air loss(m/min)

Serial numberModel parameter configurationEconomy 丨 Standard
1Shot blasting room full manganese steel body●丨

Spiral pusher fault alarm system


Elevator shot recycling fault alarm system


High fierce steel mesh belt + roller conveyor


DC-12 Cartridge Dust Collector


SWDC-80 wet dust collector


Q11 shot blasting machine


P11 full machine plus shot blasting machine


Mesh belt conveyor stepless speed change


Semi-automatic flow control system


Automatic flow control system


Shot purge system


Shot blasting machine frequency control


Electric cabinet air conditioner


Tooling customization

16Storage bin alarm system       ●

Imported mesh belt


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