Understand the corresponding equipment application range of the shot blasting machine


In the era of rapid development of the shot blasting machine, it not only brought us a lot of wealth, it also brought danger, all things are two-sided. Generally speaking, the use of large machinery and equipment should pay more attention to some safety issues, such as the selection of its surrounding environment, whether the nature of the surface of the object is harmful to the machine's turn, etc., such as the user of the hook shot blasting machine That said, we must focus on the disposal of surplus materials.

Because it suspends the workpiece to be processed directly on the hook, the hook directly enters the shot blasting room, and revolves back and forth in a set interval, so that the workpiece is fully projected. After each processing, the hook shot blasting machine For cleaning things, there will always be left in the machine and maybe some debris in the workshop. The small volume of these debris will float in the air and swim. Because of its uncertain nature, once static electricity occurs with the metal parts of the machine, etc. The reaction simply caused the incineration of related substances. Assuming that there are many such substances, the area affected by the disaster will also expand, which will cause serious harm to the operators.

In order to eradicate this unexpected situation, we should know this before using the hook shot blasting machine, and clean it in the vivid cleaning workshop by the side, beware of the dust and the dust that is easy to conflict with metal. In the workshop.

Strength of metal workpiece

According to modern metal strength theory, increasing the dislocation density inside the metal is the primary direction for improving metal strength. Practice has proven that the shot blasting machine is a very effective skill method to increase the metal dislocation structure. This is of great significance to some workpieces that cannot be further strengthened on the basis of phase transformation hardening or completion of phase transformation hardening.

Packing up metal surfaces

       The shot blasting machine equipment is mainly used for the eradication of sand and oxide scale on the surface of cast steel and cast iron in the foundry industry. Almost all steel castings, gray castings, martensitic steels, ductile irons, etc. have to be shot blasted. This is not only to eradicate the oxide scale and sticky sand on the casting surface, but also an indispensable preparatory process before the quality inspection of the casting. For example, in the case of non-destructive testing of large gas turbine casings, it was necessary to perform severe blasting to ensure flaw detection. Reliability. 

Shot blasting is an indispensable skill to find defects on the surface of castings such as subcutaneous air holes, slag holes, and sticky sand, cold insulation, peeling, etc. Non-ferrous metal castings, such as aluminum alloys and copper alloys, are cleaned up. In addition to eradicating oxide scales and discovering the surface defects of castings, the more important purpose is to blast shots to eliminate burrs on die castings and obtain decorative surface quality. To get a summary effect.

In metallurgical steel production, shot peening and pickling is a skill and method to remove phosphate scale by using mechanical-chemical combination to ensure high productivity in large-scale steel production. In the production of silicon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, and other alloy steel plates and strips, it is necessary to perform annealing, shot blasting, and pickling during the cold rolling process to ensure the surface roughness and thickness accuracy of the cold rolled steel plates.





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