How to design the main parameters of shot blasting machine


The role of the shot blasting machine in the shot blasting machine is very important. The shot blasting machine has a great relationship with the shot blasting quality. When designing the main parameters of the shot blasting machine, the following three aspects must be considered.

1, shot blasting speed

The projectile projecting speed should not be too high, otherwise it will deepen the bullet marks on the casting surface, deform the thin-walled casting, and reduce the surface finish and dimensional accuracy of the casting. Power consumption of shot blasting machine. For the same power, if the projectile speed is increased, the allowable shot amount will be significantly reduced, because the power is only proportional to the first power of the shot amount. According to the characteristics and requirements of cleaning the workpiece, we choose a shot blasting speed of 76m / s.

2.Calculation of the number of shot blasters

The number of shot blasters can be calculated as follows: N = n1 * n2

Where N ----- the total number of shot blasters;

n1 --- the number of rows of shot blasters on the chamber body, when the length of the chamber body is determined, n1 can be determined;

n2 --- the number of shot blasters on each row.

The number of shot blasters on each row can be determined graphically. That is, according to the shape of the workpiece, the rotation direction of each shot blaster and the most effective striking angle, according to the fan angle θ of the shot blaster, the throw angle ψ and the incident angle of the shot flow to the workpiece, draw each shot blaster Map of fan shaped pill flow area.

The method is to first draw the concentric circle A according to the throw angle, and then draw the tangent of the two A circles to make the included angle a fan angle. These two tangents are the two edges of the fan-shaped projectile area of this shot blaster. And make a certain degree of coincidence at the junction of the adjacent blast sectors, so as to determine the position and size of the blast. In addition, the upper and lower shot blasters should be staggered by a distance of about 250 mm from each other in the horizontal direction, or the horizontal shot blast flow scattering range should be drawn according to the axial diffusion angle of the shot blaster, so that the vertical shots of adjacent shot blasters do not Interfere with each other.

Where n1 = 1, n2 = 2, then N = n1 * n2 = 2

That is: the number of shot blasters required is 2.





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