What are the sandblasting processes?


Sand blasting is the use of compressed air as a power to form a high-speed spray beam to spray high-speed jets on the surface of the workpiece to be processed, so that the appearance of the external surface of the workpiece changes, due to the impact of the abrasive on the workpiece surface and cutting action, the workpiece surface is obtained The cleanliness and different roughnesses improve the mechanical properties of the workpiece surface. The airless blasting process is often classified as an airtight blasting operation because no propellant (gas or liquid) is used. The dry blasting process uses high-pressure blasting sand to destroy the surface of the object. It is used to clean calcium pool tiles or any other surface, and remove embedded fungi and illuminated colors. It can also be used for automotive body paint removal.

The freezing blasting process is the simultaneous use of air and dry ice or liquid nitrogen, which instantly changes the physical properties of materials at low temperatures, achieving effects that cannot be achieved under normal conditions, and does not destroy the original properties of the product after cleaning is completed. The liquid blasting process usually requires only one operator. This method is suitable for cleaning internal and external surfaces, and it can recycle and reuse water, reducing waste and environmental impact.





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