Shot blaster blade quality affects stability of shot blasting machine


Whether the shot blaster blades are abrasion-resistant determines the service life of the blades and the cost of the shot blasting machine. But at the same time, the working environment of the shot blasting machine also determines the wear resistance of the shot blasting machine blades. For example, if there is 1% sand in the abrasive, the blade life will be shortened by 80%. The use of the separation device also determines the life of the shot blasting machine. Blade wear or cracks will cause the impeller to vibrate when it rotates at high speed. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly check the flawless condition of the blade, and the blade in question must be replaced in time.

In order for the shot blaster to operate stably, the blade replacement must be performed in pairs, that is, the blades corresponding to the non-compliant blades must be replaced together to obtain a stable and good dynamic balance. If it is suspected that the blade is causing the shot blaster to malfunction, you need to replace all the blades. The forging disadvantages of blades will inevitably accelerate the wear of the blades, and the situation is even more severe when using cold shocked cast iron shots as abrasives.

After analyzing the worn blades, it is believed that the forged blades will cause the abrasive particles to bouncing during the movement. The bouncing abrasive particles in turn form a scouring effect on the blades and then increase the blade wear. If there is sand in the guessing, it will increase the wear of the blades. Some companies used tungsten carbide or even boron carbide to make blades for shot blasters, which greatly extended their service life. However, the brittleness of these super-hard materials makes these blades with excellent wear resistance unable to truly perform their effects in the shot blasting category. Imagine that the blaster blades are all flat. The curved blasting blade has better functions.





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