What causes the shot blasting machine to circulate poorly?


Shot blasting machine is a casting cleaning equipment that uses high-speed steel shots thrown by a shot blaster to project on the surface of the workpiece. The shot blasting system in the shot blasting machine is mainly composed of a feeding screw, a hoist, a separator, a steel shot control system, and a hopper.

The working procedure of the steel shot circulation system is: a certain amount of abrasive flows from the storage hopper through the feeding pipe into the rotating shot blasting machine's shot wheel under the effect of gravity. Above, the shot blasting machine throws the abrasive to the workpiece to be processed through the centrifugal force effect. After impacting the workpiece, the impurities such as sand and scale removed from the workpiece enter the conveying funnel together with the abrasive. The abrasive treatment system lifts the abrasive rich in impurities to the air separation system above the equipment. The air separation system can be screened according to the needs of the operation. Drums and pellets enter the air separator. The air separator removes small particles of sand and rust and other light materials and sends them to a separate dustbin. The clean and suitable abrasives enter the storage hopper and are used from scratch to form steel. Pill circulation system.

When the shot of the shot blasting machine is not well circulated, there are generally the following situations:

1. The belt of the elevator is slack, making the belt of the elevator slip.

2. There is a gap in the steel shot storage bin, which reduces the amount of steel shot circulation.

3. Steel shot recycling scraper is worn.

4. The steel shot conveying pipe is blocked due to agglomeration of the shot.

5. There are too many impurities in the drum sieve, which will block the sieve holes and affect the sieving of the steel shot.

6. The screw conveyor is stuck.





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