Common faults and solutions of shot blasting machine


Since shot blasting machine is a consumable product, there will be various problems in daily use. The easy problems and their treatment methods are summarized below.

Analysis of the causes of the throwing bearing failure and measures taken

The main faults of the shot bearing during the shot blasting machine production are: irregular installation, lack of lubricating oil, fatigue wear, external force damage, etc. Corresponding measures: Install strictly in accordance with the specifications and regularly overhaul the bearings, fill with lubricating oil, and improve lubrication conditions. The bearing body of the original throw head uses a high-pressure gun to feed the oil. It takes 3 hours to fill the lubricating oil of the eight throw heads, which is not safe and wastes time. At present, each bearing of the throwing head is automatically refueled by a high-pressure oil pump through a high-pressure steel wire hose connection. It only takes 10 minutes to fill the lubricating oil with 8 throwing heads, which is safe and efficient. The proper choice of lubricating oil will directly affect the service life and good mechanical properties of the shot blasting machine. Generally, the surface temperature of the shot bearing does not easily exceed 60 °. The innovative sulfopolyester 1615EN is used, which has super water resistance. ; Corrosion resistance; High temperature resistance (100 ° higher than ordinary lithium-based grease), long service life. A high-efficiency axial flow fan is selected for forced heat dissipation to reduce the ambient temperature of the bearing; the head body is provided with air vent holes for automatic lubrication. Regularly repair impellers, blades, guards and belts to eliminate mechanical resonance caused by external forces.

Cause analysis of blade damage and measures

The blade of the shot blasting machine is constantly impacted by most of the projectiles thrown, so the blade is the most vulnerable part of the shot blasting machine. Worn or cracked blades will cause the impeller to vibrate when rotating at high speeds. Check that deep grooves or more than half of the blades are worn, and they must be replaced in time. In addition, the casting defects of the blades will inevitably accelerate the wear of the blades, because the blades with casting defects will cause the projectiles to bounce during the movement process. The bouncing projectiles in turn will cause a scouring effect on the blades, which will increase the blade wear. In order to ensure the stability of the shot blasting machine, the blades must be replaced in pairs, that is, the blades opposite to the undesired blades must be replaced at the same time to obtain a good dynamic balance. If the blades of the shot blasting machine cause the blasting head to work abnormally, replace all the blades. The blades with casting defects must not be used. Please note that the weight difference between a group of 8 blades must not be greater than 5 grams when installing the blades.

Analysis of the cause of damage to the directional sleeve and measures taken

The directional sleeve of the shot blasting machine is fixed on the shell of the shot blasting machine. Rotating the directional sleeve can change the direction of the projectile. The deviation angle between the directional socket of the shot blasting machine and the center line of the impeller determines the radial scattering angle of the projectile, which is generally about 45 °.





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