Understand the cleaning angle of the lower shot blasting machine and the adjustment method of the shot blasting machine


After the shot blasting machine is installed, the quality of the product is very clean. If the angle is not adjusted properly, the cleaning effect cannot be achieved, and the casting is destroyed. The blasting angle of the shot blasting machine must be adjusted in time. The shot blasting machine provides a special rule that can freely control its direction within the range. After throwing it, it will be on the top of the metal plate. It is good to see if the bullet point is not in the middle of the corner or the 90-degree angle. Beyond this range, it should be adjusted in time. As long as the rationality of the angle adjustment can appropriately increase the speed of the projectile, make the shot blasting machine run smoothly and achieve excellent mechanical performance. If it is out of adjustment after the adjustment is completed, adjust the distance and angle of the fasteners of the swing arm until a good angle is reached so far.

The structure of the shot blasting machine is very complicated. It belongs to the self-harm of mechanical equipment. At the same time that you are completely assigned to the task, you will be damaged to varying degrees. A clear understanding of its characteristics can be specifically related to using the program. First of all, it requires regular maintenance and maintenance, and secondly, some components need to be replaced regularly. If you do the above, you can continue to live, otherwise its service life will be greatly reduced.

Shot blasting gas is an important part of the shot blasting machine. The correct position of the shot blasting machine directly affects the normal operation of the shot blasting machine, which requires adjustment of the shot blasting machine. In the shot blasting machine, the shot blasting control should pay attention to the position of the directional blast should be in the cleaning of the workpiece to fully cover the projectile shot, otherwise it will affect the cleaning efficiency.

Orientation window position. If necessary, apply black ink or lay a piece of thick paper to a place where the workpiece is cleaned. Activate the blasting device and manual shot blasting equipment. Add a small amount of projectiles to the shot tube. Check the position of the projectiles If the blood positioning error, the direction should be adjusted to obtain the ideal position. Good orientation adjustment, can be used for load test, 30 minutes after the explosion, and then add 400kg projectiles.





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