Shot blasting machine is an indispensable device to improve the quality of castings


The shot blasting machine is a device used to remove the oxide scale on the casting surface and remove the sticky sand on the casting surface. At the same time, this equipment is an indispensable device for improving the quality of the casting. After the workpiece is produced, it must be strengthened using this equipment. Before the casing of large-scale equipment is inspected, it needs to undergo strict shot blast cleaning to ensure the reliability of the inspection results of large-scale equipment.

In the process of producing castings, the use of shot blasting to clean up the workpiece is an effective process to find whether the surface of the casting is defective. If there are air holes under the surface of the workpiece, slag holes on the surface of the workpiece, and sand on the surface of the workpiece, The workpiece surface has cold insulation, the workpiece surface has peeling, etc., using shot blasting to treat the workpiece surface is an indispensable process.

For non-ferrous metal casting surface cleaning, the shot blasting machine must be used to effectively clean the workpiece, such as aluminum alloy surface cleaning and copper alloy surface cleaning. Shot blasting equipment should be used to remove the oxide scale of the workpiece and find casting surface defects. Shot blasting equipment, the main purpose of using this shot blasting equipment is to use shot blasting to remove the burrs of the casting, so that the casting can have the surface quality of decoration and obtain the ideal comprehensive landscaping effect.

In metallurgical and iron and steel production enterprises, shot blasting machines can ensure high production efficiency during the production of steel. Using this equipment to remove phosphate scale is an ideal process. In the production of silicon steel sheets, in the production of stainless steel sheets and in the production of alloy steel sheets, shot blasting must be performed during the cold rolling process of the workpiece to ensure the accuracy of the surface of the cold rolled steel sheet.





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