How much do you know about the matters needing attention when operating the shot blasting machine?


Shot blasting machines are mainly used in steel production-oriented factories, and as the latter degree of steel production, the appearance of cast parts is cleaned and sorted. Although the shot blasting machine is a fully automated device, it still needs to be operated by skilled workers, so that the equipment can be prevented from malfunctioning in the production process. Only the workers familiar with the shot blasting machine can operate the shot blasting machine. To maximize the efficiency of the machine, we can make the machine less damaged.

First of all, for the workers who operate the shot blasting machine, they must undergo post training before they can get on the job, and they must be clear and familiar with the performance and various characteristics of the shot blasting machine before taking the job, so that the machine can achieve the maximum efficiency. Bring greater efficiency to production. To be familiar with the various operations of the shot blasting machine and the use of various programs, to understand the maintenance and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

       Secondly, before the shot blasting machine starts to work, it is necessary to check the machine and equipment first, and to check whether the switches are in the position set by the requirements. Only after the various inspections before the machine is turned on can it be turned on. The inspection before starting is to reduce the disadvantage caused by misoperation, so as not to damage the machinery and equipment and cause accidents.

Later, when the shot blasting machine is working, only the operator of the shot blasting machine is allowed on the site. Other non-operators should not arbitrarily approach the shot blasting machine, and non-workers are also prohibited from operating the shot blasting machine to avoid accidents. And for the staff who operates the shot blasting machine, they must wear protective clothing and glasses when they work. The operator must shut down the machine in time if there is any abnormality during the operation.





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