What should I pay attention to when operating the shot blasting machine?


Track type shot blasting machine A new type of cleaning equipment for cleaning and strengthening the surface of castings, forgings, round springs and bearings. It can clean the weight, size, volume and production efficiency of the workpiece, and can be manually, mechanically or automatically fed. The workpiece is rolled in the blasting chamber. The blasting chamber is composed of an endless grooved belt and two heads made of highly wear-resistant materials. The conveyor belt is equipped with a guide bar, which ensures that all surfaces of the workpiece are exposed and turned over No excessive collisions occur. Workers should strictly follow practical procedures when operating crawler shot blasting machines:

1. All operators of this machine must have a comprehensive understanding of this manual and the working principle, performance, operating methods, lubrication, etc. of this machine before they can operate;

2. Add projectiles (200kg) into the chamber one by one, then put the workpiece, close the charging door, and prepare to drive;

3. Start the dust collector fan;

4. Press the buttons in turn to start: hoist, shot blaster, pill supply gate, and start cleaning. After the cleaning is completed, the buttons are closed in order: the pill gate, shot blaster, hoist, and dust collector fan, and then the vibration motor is started to clean the dust, and the vibration stops after the time;

5. After the shot blaster stops, open the feeding door and lift out the tooling and workpiece.

6. In case of emergency, press the emergency stop button and the machine will stop working immediately;

7. After all work is completed, the dust collector should be closed in time;

8. In the ventilation and dust removal system, two butterfly valves are installed. Adjust the two butterfly valves according to the situation to obtain a good separation effect;

9. Adjusting the directional sleeve of the shot blaster: During the use of the directional sleeve, the projectile diffusion angle increases, resulting in faster wear of the shot blaster and other protective plates in the cleaning room. Therefore, when the wear of the directional sleeve exceeds 10 mm, the new directional sleeve should be replaced (the angle between the opening direction and the horizontal square line is 45 °).

10. The dust in the dust collection box below the dust collector should be removed regularly to prevent blocking the dust exhaust pipe and affecting the dust removal effect;

11. The debris under the screen in the bottom of the cleaning room and the separator funnel should be cleaned frequently;

12. Projectiles around the equipment should be cleaned frequently to prevent injury from slipping;

13. The crawler and elevator belts in the cleaning room should be checked frequently for deviations, so as not to damage the belts;

       14. It is forbidden to open the feeding door when the shot blaster is not stopped to prevent accidents.





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