Take everyone to understand the different uses of the shot blasting machine


For the shot blasting machine, many people who have participated in or contacted industrial production will have a certain understanding, because modern industrial production uses mechanized working principles, mechanization can speed up production and also do a good job of cleaning. And because the mechanized production takes a long time and the frequency of use of the machine is very high, failure to clean up easily can easily cause failures and affect production efficiency.

The shot blasting cleaning machine adopts a specific working principle, which specifically cleans various large-scale production machinery or manufacturing machinery to maintain the normal operation of the machine itself, and at the same time it can play a certain repairing role. Therefore, it is better to apply this machine to any large machinery.

The cleaning effect of the shot blasting machine does not entirely depend on its own working principle, but also depends on the diversity of this type of cleaning machine. It is correct to use a corresponding style of machine for different cleaning targets. Among them, the crawler shot blasting machine is a good helper for various foundry machinery to clean up, because the casting industry's machines work about the same nature, all use non-adhesive means to cast items, but the residue of sand is a The problem is that the sand is indispensable in the foundry industry, but the residual of the sand in the long term is likely to cause problems such as poor machine operation or jamming.

It is scientific and effective to use a track-type shot blasting machine to clean these sand particles remaining inside the casting machine. This kind of projectiles are thrown to the place where the sand particles exist through the track transmission to generate a certain force to remove the residual sand on the surface The particles are completely removed, and the machine itself is kept clean at the same time, which is also a good way to ensure the smooth operation of the machine.





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