There are four main ways to distinguish the quality of shot blasting machine parts.


First, there are four methods to distinguish the quality of the shot blasting machine accessories:

1. First observe the shape of the product to see whether its appearance is fine and whether the color is normal. If you have a pure sample of the shot blasting machine accessories, you can check it with it. The surface of the general imitation is rough and the color is not correct;

2. You can check the marking on the shot blasting machine accessories. If it is a genuine imported part, it will be printed with the part number, brand mark and specific code. Some products will also be engraved with information such as origin.

3. You can use special measurement tools for product analysis and comparison;

4. Check whether the casting meets the requirements of quenching, whether there are cracks, whether the blade is smooth when turning the blade, and whether the angle of the advancing sleeve reaches the required angle.

Second, the daily maintenance of shot blasting machine accessories

1. Check whether the screws of shot blasting machine accessories are tightened before use;

2. Check whether any debris has fallen into the machine. If there is any, it should be removed in time to prevent it from blocking various transportation links and causing equipment failure;

3. Before each shift of the shot blasting machine, a second inspection is performed to check the wear of the wearing parts such as blades, guards, impellers, directional sleeves, rubber curtains, rollers, and timely replacement;

4. Check whether the coordination of the moving parts of various electrical appliances is smooth, and whether the bolt connection is loose, and it should be tightened in time;

       5. Regularly check the oil injection points of the shot blasting machine equipment to see if the oil filling in each part meets the requirements





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