How much do you know about shot blasting machine blades? Let Suppel tell you


The characteristics of the blade of the shot blasting machine are thin outside and inside, made of high chromium special wear-resistant cast iron, using certain heat treatment technology; the surface hardness HRC60-65 after heat treatment has higher wear resistance and service life; all the blades After forging, they must be strictly trimmed and ground, and weighed and matched by the balance, so the impact is small, and the weight difference of each blade is ≤5g. The blades rotate in a curve, which can increase the projectile ejection speed and distribute evenly.

Loading and unloading: The blades of the shot blasting machine do not need to be fixed by screws, flat pins, spring clamps, etc. The blades are pierced from the impeller base into the impeller groove. When the impeller rotates, it is fixed by the centrifugal force of the blade and the bosses on both ends of the blade, Any fixed clamp is required. It only takes about 8 minutes to replace 8 blades. Due to the centrifugal force to fix the blades, it is necessary to take out the directional sleeve and the pellet wheel when replacing the blades, as long as the outer end of the blades is lightly hit It is very easy to remove the blades from the impeller base, and you can check the wear of the directional sleeve and the split wheel together.

Features: The shot blasting machine blades are used as the ties of the shot blasting machine, and their quality and service life depend directly on the blades. Because the blade is in a high-speed rotating impeller during operation, it must accept both the wear of steel shot abrasive and the erosion wear of high-speed shot flow. Under these two ways of wear, the blade is good or not, depending on the raw material of the blade. Raw material varieties: mainly high manganese steel, medium manganese ductile iron, low alloy white iron, etc.





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