Rotary sand blasting machine


The equipment adopts the structure of 4 divisions and 8 stations rotary turntable. Simultaneous loading and unloading operations are performed at the same time as sand blasting operations, which improves production efficiency. A safety light curtain is installed in the loading and unloading work area to protect the workers in the loading and unloading area. The left and right sides and the rear side of the main machine are provided with access doors to facilitate the maintenance of the equipment. The blasting chamber is equipped with two lamps, and the state of the blasting operation can be observed through the rear door window. It adopts the principle of siphon-type blasting and is equipped with 8 blasting guns for continuous blasting operation. Pellet recycling adopts a wind recycling system, equipped with a two-layer vibration screening system, to finely separate the recovered pellets to improve the utilization rate and product quality of the pellets.





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